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Mitigating Workplace Violence

You can’t effectively assess the happiness and mental stability of your team by watching them from across a room. Taken at its intended perspective, the video below is a heartwarming and beautiful display of the love between a father and his children. However, if we look at it from a leadership perspective, it is a perfect example in how people who are struggling don’t always tell you or show you they are hurting or are in trouble. In the beginning of this video, you would never know how deeply this little girl is suffering due to a 3 year separation from her father. When she sees him for the first time, her emotions surface and shows the world what she has been dealing with likely internally for so long.

From a leadership perspective, it would be easy to conclude that at best– this girl is likely not performing at her best and she isn’t happy on a day to day basis. At worst– she is day away from some sort of emotional or performance breakdown; but you would never know by watching her. Believe it that it is these types of deeply rooted sadness and emotional disruptions that when unaddressed, are the root of workplace violence or sustained poor performance from otherwise talented people.

The truth is, you never know what is going on in people’s minds- unless you establish and maintain an environment of trust and communication. Intrusive leadership only works if there is TRUST between you and your team. Without taking an active role in showing genuine concern and earning the trust of your team, you may never know if your people are living in their potential. The truth is this: People who are performing at their best and effectively contributing to the mission are HAPPIER than those who are not- so this isn’t ONLY about dollars and cents. In order to do this, you must walk across the room and interact with the people who are working for the betterment of the team and take active measures in seeing HOW they are doing.

The Trident Approach is designed to teach your leadership HOW to create the type of environment to identify these potentially catastrophic scenarios before they manifest into sustained poor performance or workplace violence.

We do this by showing how to:

  1. best hold your people accountable

  2. create an environment of trust

  3. instill and maintain company culture, values, and principles

  4. practice intrusive leadership.

Contact us Now to mitigate sustained poor performance and workplace violence.


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