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What Are Your Goals?

When I was 27 years old- 8 years after I failed SEAL training the first time (Class 199)- I asked myself, “If I woke up 3 years from now as a Navy SEAL, would it be worth it?” The question didn’t even completely formulate in my mind before I knew the answer- YES. F&$K Yes. At that moment, the clouds parted and the negative dreams stopped as I knew it was time to simply make it happen. From there I made my way, day by day, every day, back to BUD/S and finally graduated at 29 years of age. Class 246. Bottom line is, don’t worry about the mountains ahead. If you keep going, you’ll be at the summit, but you MUST keep going. The pursuit is the prize along with the accomplishment. Very Few people ever get a chance to get acquainted with this exquisite level personal gratification. Don’t Ever Quit.


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