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Our proprietary approach focuses on the best of what we learned over our careers in special operations combined with our greatest lessons in discovering the true self and how it applies to elite level team and leadership performance.

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Navy Seal Confessions from the Heart with Diego Ugalde

Episode 268 is about finding our truest selves.

War is dangerous. It's chaotic. But do you know what's even worse? A war with yourself. Diego Ugalde is a former navy seal and now an entrepreneur. Becoming a navy seal is not a walk in the park. You have to go through hell in order to pass. He started his training but ended up being a paramedic. Being gripped by his shame, he used it as a motivation to go back and shoot his shot again. BANG! He got in and became a successful navy seal.

Life is all good and suddenly we hit a wall. Diego seems to have avoid inside him, he felt something was missing. He was unfulfilled.

And luckily, he found the answer through Mother Nature, psychedelics. Psychedelics are not like any other drug, it connects you to the source. Taking it will get you into an ego-death state that will connect you to your highest self. Introspect with us and dig deep into this episode. Much like training like an elite navy seal. Our Men on Purpose community can help you bring your A-game everyday. Follow us on this journey at

U.S. Navy SEAL (ret.) Diego Ugalde on the Life Lessons From Failure


Failing sucks, right? Especially when it’s public and other people know about it. Whether it’s missing the shot to lose the game, failing the test, getting busted for cheating, most of us try to avoid failure at all costs. A lot of times, our parents protect us from failing. They don’t want us to feel bad or to miss out.   

But here’s the deal: if we don't fail, we’ll miss out on learning significant truths about life.   

We won't learn about persistence. We won't be able to discern what's actually most important. We won't be able to learn that our true worth comes from within, not from our reputation. We won't learn that we can handle hard things, and we will be predisposed to avoid taking risks.   

Once you learn to appreciate failure, the next time we’re freer to take the next shot, to bounce back from the D- and go to office hours, and own our mistakes to do better.  

Diego Ugalde is a veteran with 15 years experience as a Navy SEAL. His career began in San Diego, CA in 1992 as a Hospital Corpsman in the hopes of becoming a SEAL but his plans unexpectedly changed when he was dropped four months into BUD/S training. After eight years of repentance over being unsuccessful, he trained his way back into shape. Despite separating his shoulder mid-way through, he was able to continue on and graduate with his Class 246. Diego was ultimately promoted to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer, served three combat tours in Iraq, participated in over 250 highly classified combat and Advanced Special Operations missions.  

He is a gifted leader highly experienced in mentoring and training multifaceted and multicultural teams and organizations. Diego was awarded four Navy Commendation Medals (with Combat Valor), three Navy Achievement Medals and one combat action ribbon.

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Diego Ugalde Explains that Mistakes Are the Pathway to Growth

Ranked 17 on Feedspot's Top 90 Leadership Podcasts for 2021, Unlabeled Leadership is a volunteer-led service that shares stories about leadership. Rather than using labels that mystify and obscure the meaning of leadership, Gary DePaul and guests share personal leadership stories.

The Trident Approach with Diego Ugalde - 252

Today’s Guest Expert: Diego Ugalde Diego is a retired Navy SEAL turned CEO of The Trident Approach which combines the best of SEAL team practices along with consciousness, emotional intelligence, and connection to humanity. 

3 Top Takeaways: The Trident Approach with Diego Ugalde 

  1. Pay attention to the subtle signs and that will take you where you want to go. 

  2. You will always know the answer once you clear the static. 

  3. If you find yourself and heal yourself, your trauma will turn into your strength.

Memorable Moment “ ‘Creating significance in the lives of others is more gratifying than being selfish and only worrying about yourself’. 

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