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Leadership Development

Designed For YPO, C-Suite, Leadership Teams, And Coaching Staff

How Do SEALs Lead?

Transform your organization with guidance from elite performers.


The Trident Approach Is A Mechanism Engineered By Special Operations Operators Designed To Expose Weaknesses And Destructive Habits. Why? Because You Need To Bring Your Authentic Self To The Board Room. With our elite team of Pathfinders Standing Shoulder To Shoulder As You Discover For Yourself Who You Are And How You Show Up in times of stress and simulated chaos. A key principle of our Pathfinders is to simply provide space for Executives to experience the Sometimes Hard Truths Necessary For Growth And Progress. One Of The Attributes That Evades The C-Suite Is Vulnerability. Ignoring This Key Human Practice Results In Elements Of Self Sabotage, Limiting Thoughts, And Under Performance and frequently are at the root of the source of reason the most common areas organizations come to us to help correct.  

This Experience  Requires Two Private Coaching Sessions In Event Preparation And Three Private Integration Sessions Post-Event. Lastly, It Requires One Final Team Integration Coaching Session To Allow  You The Greatest  Opportunity To Progress As Much As Possible. 

Leadership Development Solutions


The Trident Package


SEAL Package

Star Cluster

Holding Space

Jumping Off the Plane

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This is designed for:

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What can I expect to get from this?

Experiential Events

Understanding of Self

Leadership Tools


"I Learned More In Four Hours With The Trident Approach Than I Have In A Year's Worth Of Leadership Training And Self Development."


C-Level Executive, Google


Time Commitment:

4 Hours to 1 Year

Participant Capacity:

6 to 25 Individuals


Anywhere in the world.

Ready To Transform The Way You Operate And Lead In Times Of Chaos?

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