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Develop Team Cohesion & Camaraderie With Our Special Operations Pathfinders

What Makes An Elite Team?

A Happy Family Of Discontent

Individually Forged and Cohesive Integral Players With A Common Purpose and A Shared Fate

Work with U.S. SEALs to strengthen your team.

Team Building Solutions


 Beach Events

Participate in Navy SEAL-based team building stations!

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 7.42.34 PM.png

Team Alightment

This is the essence of a Team Building Event!


Mindset Coaching

Navigate your way through the streets of any city while pursuing a TTA Pathfinder turned international “spy!” Catch him or her before they reach their objective! 

This is designed for:

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Coaching Staff



What can I expect to get from this?

Tighten Up The Locker Room

Align The Culture

Resilient Mind


“Exceeded expectations for me. I went to my Portland office last week and the thing that everyone wanted to talk about was our time with Trident. We had two team members that were never on the same page in that office. They just couldn’t communicate. When I went up there I noticed they were able to solve a sticky issue together. I asked their corporate leader what changed, "Their time with TTA. Getting their feet in the sand and experiencing that together has changed their relationship." So amazing job.”


CEO, Brighton Hospice


Time Commitment:

1 Hour to 1 Season

Participant Capacity:

1 Athlete to Entire Organization


We can meet you anywhere in the world.

Ready to reserve your next off site?

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