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Personal and Team Coaching

One of the most common remarks I receive from executives when discussing their perceived root causes of decreased performance, self-sabotage, and issues with control and anger is, "I didn't undergo the same experiences as you did in combat, but here are the challenges I faced." It seems there's a perception that certain experiences hold more weight than others. However, at The Trident Approach, we deeply understand that regardless of personal backgrounds, we all grapple with similar fundamental elements: disconnection from Self and a lack of understanding of the mind.

Through TTA Coaching, we prioritize these two core focus areas, recognizing their profound impact on how individuals lead themselves and their teams. By fostering balance and clarity, even amidst chaos, we empower leaders to navigate challenges with resilience and purpose.


Solutions That Match Your Commitment To Investing In Yourself And Your Teams

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Personal Coaching


Team Coaching

This is designed for:

Working Together

Business Executives


Mental Health Practitioners


Aspiring Individuals


What can I expect to get from this?

Nature Walk

Shift In Perspective

Meditating on the Beach

Strengthen The Will

Office Meeting

Leadership Tools


“Exceeded expectations for me. I went to my Portland office last week and the thing that everyone wanted to talk about was our time with Trident. We had two team members that were never on the same page in that office. They just couldn’t communicate. When I went up there I noticed they were able to solve a sticky issue together. I asked their corporate leader what changed, "Their time with TTA. Getting their feet in the sand and experiencing that together has changed their relationship." So amazing job.”


CEO, Brighton Hospice


Time Commitment:

1 Hour/Week - 3, 6, or, 12 Month Blocks

Participant Capacity:

1 - 300+

How It Works:

Weekly meetings are feasible for those based in Southern California. However, if you or your teams are located elsewhere, we can conduct coaching sessions via Zoom. Our coaching sessions transcend traditional office spaces; we embrace dynamic environments like water, mountain trails, overnight camping, or reaching elevated states of consciousness. The possibilities are boundless, tailored to your imagination and specific areas for improvement.

Ready to start your

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