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Free 15-Minute Personality Assessment (Thanks Tony Robbins)

The free link below allows you to take the DiSC personality assessment. It is one of the tools we use at The Trident Approach. However, unlike most programs, we don’t try and sell you on its accuracy. We simply use your results to start the conversation among your co-workers how they can most effectively communicate with you -under stress. We help you understand the results that most resonate with you and also help correct the results you receive that simply may not be a match to who you really are. Once the corrections have been done, we facilitate what might be the first open and honest discussions of these very important traits and preferences amongst your team. Then- we put it to the test and have each of your team members (as leaders) communicate to you on your terms under stress. These are growing lessons that will pay huge dividends back at your place of work when stress levels get high. Essentially, we train your Team to communicate in each others language even (and especially) when stressed. This is what leaders get paid to do; get out of their comfort zone for the betterment of the Team.

Take the free assessment to see how you would ask your Leadership and Team to communicate with You to help you do your very best when it counts the most.


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