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Hacking Your Leadership Podcast

Today’s Two-Minute tip is brought to you by Diego Ugalde. Diego is the CEO and Founder of the Trident Approach. Diego provides some great insight and advice on fixing things that have to do with self. 

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Two Minute Tip with Diego Ugalde

A comment from Diego:

Two Minute Leadership Hack on: Starting With The Self. Whether in leadership, with the family, or in the recesses of the mind, the challenge is to turn inward, no matter what, when things get hard, painful, or scary and ask the bold question, “what is it within me that is creating or causing this?” This is a VERY hard thing to do when it is so blatantly obvious that whatever is bothering you is coming from someone or something outside of your self. It is low hanging fruit to assign blame to what may appear to be the source of your difficulty. But for the true pursuer of the human spirit, it becomes clear the honest source of any resistance, no matter what, no matter what is coming from within. Stay Curious!

Podcast Auto-Transcription

Participant #1:

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