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The Irreplaceable Man Podcast

Episode 268 is about finding our truest selves.

War is dangerous. It's chaotic. But do you know what's even worse? A war with yourself. Diego Ugalde is a former navy seal and now an entrepreneur. Becoming a navy seal is not a walk in the park. You have to go through hell in order to pass. He started his training but ended up being a paramedic. Being gripped by his shame, he used it as a motivation to go back and shoot his shot again. BANG! He got in and became a successful navy seal.

Life is all good and suddenly we hit a wall. Diego seems to have avoid inside him, he felt something was missing. He was unfulfilled.

And luckily, he found the answer through Mother Nature, psychedelics. Psychedelics are not like any other drug, it connects you to the source. Taking it will get you into an ego-death state that will connect you to your highest self. Introspect with us and dig deep into this episode. Much like training like an elite navy seal. Our Men on Purpose community can help you bring your A-game everyday. Follow us on this journey at

Navy Seal Confessions from the Heart with Diego Ugalde

A comment from Diego:
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