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New Years Resolution? Right On!

Happy New Year To ALL!!!

I am seeing a lot of shaming going on out there for people who are clogging up the gyms and reattempting to gain discipline and focus in their lives. I believe the last post I saw described people with New Year’s Resolutions as “losers.”

Don’t believe the hype.

If you have been knocked down and you are getting up at least one more time to take control, know that The Trident Approach is behind you all the way. Losers don’t get up again. YOU are getting in the ring- one more time. QUITTERS never win. You aren’t a quitter unless you give up entirely. Stay in the fight. Whatever it takes to get you back in the arena- whether it be a new year, a diabetes commercial, or a close call with alcohol or drugs- let it happen. Use that motivation to its fullest. You never know where it will take you. You never know when it will finally work. You will never know when you’ve finally had enough- until it’s been enough. Trying to change your life for the better in any way you can? F- yeah! Rock On! Let us know if you need support. We’re WITH You and HAPPY to provide potentially helpful advice or tips! No charge- We Just Want To See You Succeed. Don’t Give Up!


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