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Failing Organizations

You may think the video below is about the skill of the few adults going against a mass of unskilled children. This is a miscalculation that MANY Leaders fall subject to.

In reality, the only reason these adults succeeded is because they are the only ones on the field working as a Team. Each of the children are individuals trying to accomplish a task on their own that either they want the credit for, or because they don’t know how to leverage the power and potential of their team. Though slower, weaker, and less skilled, these children could have EASILY over taken the adults if they worked together.

At the 1:08 mark, you can see what it is like to be a leader when your team is all about themselves.

How many companies operate like the children’s team? To be sure, success is possible; but on what level? Are they operating at their potential?

How many corporations are operating like the adult team? Do you know of any smaller organizations that are simply outperforming their larger competitors? This is likely HOW they are able to accomplish what might be difficult for most to understand.

Teams ALWAYS outperform individuals. Even if the individuals win from time to time, how does the rest of the corporation feel when only a few select people are doing the work and creating the success? You create a culture of 10% doing the work while the other 90% run around in circles- giving the appearance that they are working.

Ultimately, this will lead to three things:

  1. Running around in circles appearing to work becomes a culturally acceptable way of doing business.

  2. Those not contributing to the success of the organization will leave to find a culture that will put them in positions to actualize their true potential.

  3. Short-term success, long term failure.

The Trident Approach can help your organization become a Team. We also help you discover the potential in your people. Contact us to see how.


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