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Crab Nebula

Holding Space

Holding Space Options Are As Deep As We Go And The Depths You May Discover Will Be Endless. 

How Far Can We Go Together?

This Is A Retreat-Based Experience Where We Combine Mindfulness Disciplines Along With Engaging TTA Leadership Events To Test Your Relationship With Your Ego And Give You The Tools Necessary To Manage That Relationship To Your Benefit.

The Intent Of This Retreat Can Be As Small As Self Awareness And As Powerful As Flow Experience And Connecting To Your Highest Self. 

This is designed for:

Elite Leaders






What can I expect to get from this?


Unbound Connection

Personal Discovery


“Exceeded expectations for me. I went to my Portland office last week and the thing that everyone wanted to talk about was our time with Trident. We had two team members that were never on the same page in that office. They just couldn’t communicate. When I went up there I noticed they were able to solve a sticky issue together. I asked their corporate leader what changed, "Their time with TTA. Getting their feet in the sand and experiencing that together has changed their relationship." So amazing job.”


CEO, Brighton Hospice


Time Commitment:

3 - 4 Days

Participant Capacity:

4 - 25


How It Works:

Holotropic Breathing, Energy Healing, Meditation, Ocean Therapy, Hiking, Fireside Chats

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