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Lead From The Deep

The Trident Approach combines Navy SEAL-based practices with our deepest insights from elevated states of consciousness and psychedelic integration. This unconventional approach is our pathway to cultivating conscious leaders and elite performing teams.

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Elite Level Leadership starts with connecting to the deepest part of your self and gaining sovereignty over the egoic mind.

The Trident Approach is an unconventional path toward connecting with the you beyond the thinking mind to lead from a place beyond fear, doubt, and confinement.

Deepen your self as a leader with our powerful and unconventional approach to coaching, events, keynotes, and elevated states of consciousness experiences.


Leadership Events



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Keynotes / Workshops

Supporting Materials

Founder's Story

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Throughout my career as a Navy SEAL, I chased external markers of success – titles, qualifications, achievements – unknowingly leading myself and my teams through the lens of ego. It wasn't until I turned inward, seeking personal transcendence, that I realized there's a better way to lead.
After years of internal exploration, healing, and growth, I've discovered a path beyond ego, one that empowers both the self and elite teams. Today, through The Trident Approach, we merge our SEAL Team experience with insights from elevated states of consciousness. We offer a holistic approach to leadership, rooted in strength, resilience, and balance, even amidst chaos.


Are you ready to journey inward and lead from the deep?

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Our programs are all-inclusive

Our experiential programs are inclusive for all to effectively participate regardless of physical ability, level of fitness, or age.

Group Travel

The world is our playground

Although we are based in San Diego, we are designed to take our experiential training and keynotes to you anywhere around the globe.

Transform Your Self.
Lead Your Teams.
Elevate Your Organization.

Testimonials From Past Clients

Executive, Google

"I learned more in 4 hours with The Trident Approach than I have in a year's worth of leadership and personal development."

See What TTA Events Are All About

Master the art of conscious leadership.

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