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Become a leader people remember.

Learn The Trident Approach — a Navy Seal’s guide to consciousness in leadership.

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Elite level leadership starts with understanding your truest self.

At The Trident Approach, you’ll learn how to connect with your truest, most authentic self so you can transcend limiting beliefs and lead your team to victory.

Events, coaching, content, and more for C-suite executives, coaches, and athletes wanting to become better leaders.

Become the leader you know you can be. Check out our offerings.



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Supporting Materials

Our programs are all-inclusive

Anyone can effectively participate regardless of physical ability, level of fitness, or age. The only things you need are an open mind and a positive mental attitude (PMA).

The world is our playground

Our team is based in San Diego but we are designed to conduct our training anywhere around the world.

Transform Your Self.
Lead Your Teams.
Elevate Your Organization.

Testimonials From Past Clients

Executive, Google

"I learned more in 4 hours with The Trident Approach than I have in a year's worth of leadership and personal development."

See What TTA Events Are All About

Master the art of conscious leadership.

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